さくらクルーズ/SAKURA CRUISE (Mar-Apl)





We will continue to operate tours at Sumida River, Ohyoko River, and Meguro River, which are gaining attention as great Hanami spots.




月替わりで実施するイベント「船で巡る水辺スポットの紹介」/Introduce waterfront spots by boat


Since the high economic growth of Japan (later 1960s), Tokyo’s waterfront has become well known as a “dirty and smelly place” due to the living wastewater flowing into canals. However, during the last 50 years, problems with pollution have started to receive attention and various measures have started. Today, the environment of Tokyo bay, its surrounding rivers and canals is in progress. There are many species living and it is changing to a recreation area for people.
It has been 50 years since people have shunned the Tokyo Port area because of its condition. There are still many unknown attractive places to visit. By running the boat tours throughout the year, we aim to increase public interests.




  1. 神田川 紅葉クルーズ/AUTUMN LEAVES CRUISE (Nov-Dec)

    御茶ノ水と水道橋の間の神田川は、秋になると綺麗な紅葉が広がります。この紅葉を船からお楽しみ頂く「紅葉クルーズ」は、毎年大変人気のあるクルーズです。Bunkyo-ku fixes as a park green tract of land and the riverbank becomes autumn, beautiful autumnal leaves will spread. The cruise which introduces these autumnal leaves is Kanda-gawa. Autumnal-leaves cruise.

  2. 春のイルミネーションクルーズ/Spring illumination cruise (Apl-May)

    過ごしやすい気候となる春に、のんびりとした時間を体験していただく「春のイルミネーションクルーズ」を4‐5月の土祝祭日に開催します!The cruise introduced night view / lighting of Eitai Bridge built over Sumida River.

  3. (Oct-Nov) 秋の夜長イルミネーションクルーズ/Illumination cruise

    秋の夜長に、永代橋のライトアップや大川端の夜景楽しむクルーズを10月から11月まで開催しております。The cruise which looks at lighting of Eitai Bridge or the night view of Okawabata in the long autumn nights settled temporarily also in hot summer.

  4. 春のサンセットクルーズ/Spring sunset cruise (Apl-May)

    お花見も終わり過ごしやすい気候となる春の夕暮れに時に、のんびりとした時間を体験していただく「春のサンセットクルーズ」を4‐5月の土祝祭日に開催します!The cruise which enjoys the setting sun at which it looks from Toyosu or Harumi is carried out.

  5. X’mass イルミネーションクルーズ/illumination cruise (Dec)

    水辺に広がるイルミネーションやライトアップ・夜景を楽しみながクリスマスの雰囲気を楽しんでもらうクルーズです。The cruise on which comfort of illuminations, or the lighting and the night view which spread to the waterside is carried out, and everybody enjoys the atmosphere of Christmas from water surface.

  6. Cool Share 夕涼みクルーズ/Cooling cruise (Jun-Sep)

    環境省が提唱するCO2削減のためのイベント「クールビズ・クールシェア」に連動したクルーズで、涼しいところ=水上をシェアする「夕涼みクルーズ」毎年6月から9月まで開催しております。We share a cool place to a participant and get him to raise power-saving consciousness.